Chronicles, photos and observations of a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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Belo Horizonte (847 m), since 2016-08-28
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Goias (510 m), on 2016-09-05

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2015: Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia
2014: Granada, Granada, Nicaragua
2013: Sacramento, California, United States
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Share this page Modern Ensemble of Pampulha
Today, I visited one of the new UNESCO sites of this year... it was added to the list merely 6 weeks ago. Althought, I had already planned to visit the site before it was officially accepted on the list. It's one of the new modern sites now making their way onto the list, representing recent human achievements and visions mostly in terms of architecture. The whole complex is merely 70 years old... but it was so innovative and showcase so many great architecture and art pieces that its inclusion on the list was obvious. more... Without-a-name street
In Lima, I encountered this street sign that reads "Street witout a name". In Central America, it's common that streets don't have names or at least no plaque to indicate it... but it's the first time I see a street named "Without a name". What do you think of that? more... Cotton candy
In my travels, I've seen lots of street vendors, but it was the first time I saw one of cotton candy right on the sidewalk. It's also funny that the name in Spanish is almost exactly the transation of the English term. Translated word for word, it means "cotton of sugar". more... 100 different cities
Tonight I will sleep in my 100th different city/location since I left my previous 'home' to hit the road. I post it this morning because I won't have Internet for the next few days. It has been 568 days already, so I slept about 5.7 nights in average in each of those locations, ranging from 1 night to 30 nights. Some cities I've visited twice (doing a loop), like Halifax, Vancouver or Seattle. That doesn't count the 11 nights I spent in a bus, train or boat. How many of those locations have you been to? more... Can we really miss...
Although I have done (and am still doing) things relatively few people do in their lives, I also did not do a few things most people do and find 'normal'. Recently for example, I've taken my first coffee cups ever just a few weeks ago. But in the grand scheme of things, I in fact did very few things most people do in life, like marry and have kids. more... New Web site opening
Just a quick word to tell you I officially opened my Web site to sell some of my panoramic pictures... and I offer 60% off for the current followers on my blog and Facebook! Just go to for the details and pick up your favourite picture to decorate your wall. Deal is only until Sunday night, so hurry!

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